Master Track Medical and Health Humanities

In 2020 gaat aan de VU Amsterdam het nieuw opgezette mastertraject Medical and Health Humanities van start. Het is een Engelstalige traject geworden, door Manon Parry en Ab Flipse vormgegeven en georganiseerd. In Course 4 van het traject zal onder andere NVMG-lid Timo Bolt een gastles verzorgen.

Informatie over het master programma:

The interdisciplinary Master’s programme History: Medical and Health Humanities combines the history of health and medicine with a wide array of arts and humanities approaches. Classes explore the different ways that bodies and minds have been investigated and understood, and how these various ways of knowing shape everyday life, medical practice, and public health policy. Participants learn to contextualise medical ideas in the time and culture, and to analyse a diverse range of sources, including historical artefacts, comics and films, medical texts and health journalism. Drawing on methods from across the disciplines, students will broaden their tools of investigation beyond the written word to also consider the sounds, smells, and the look and feel of the past and its lessons and legacies in the present day.
The four specialised courses in the programme are also open to interested MA or MSc students registered at Dutch universities. This includes those enrolled in medical school, or specializing in related disciplines, such as psychology, art history, nursing, social work, communications, media studies, anthropology, or museum studies.
You can follow just one, two or three courses, or follow the full programme. Students bring an array of perspectives, as historians or physicians in training, for example, and/or former patients or care- givers to others. This mix of experiences and expertise in the classroom offers the opportunity to compare and contrast worldviews, to challenge assumptions, and to critically reflect on issues of great significance, from birth to death.

Not a student? People who are not enrolled in a Dutch university, but who would like to register for this programme, are welcome to participate.

The course fee is €500 per course, or €2000 total for all four courses and thesis supervision. Payment is due in January of the year of study, but please contact the coordinators in advance to discuss:
Ab Flipse ([email protected]) and
Manon Parry ([email protected]).

Classes run from February through June and are taught in English. Most course sessions are located at the VU University in Amsterdam, with some held at museums or archives in other towns, all easily accessible by train.


There are four courses offered: Introduction to Medical and Health Humanities (Block 4), Knowing by Sensing (Block 4), Objects of Knowledge (Block
5) and Research Seminar: Medicine in Society (Block 5). Students who wish to complete the full track are required to take all four courses, and also complete an MA-level thesis under the supervision of participating core or guest staff.

Voor meer informatie vindt u hier de PDF (incl. uitgebreide beschrijving van de courses)